Students as Authors

In her project, called "We Can Write It Ourselves" Sarah Bergstrom asks the question, ""How can the writing process help you create a better final product?" The lesson plan shows how she teaches students to take a real author, Dr. Seuss, and uses him as an example of the writing process. In this three- to five-day lesson, students learn that their favorite author used the same writing process that they are also learning to use.

This lesson starts with "Hooray for Diffendorfer Day" which has illustrations at the end showing the process that the author went through while creating the book.

Each of the days there is some reading and discussion of the writing process and then the students do their own writing, editing, and finally publishing.

The eCoach eLibrary is full of lesson plans that can be used as is, or edited to be more personal to the teacher and the class using them. It is a great resource and becomes better and better as teachers publish more lessons to it.

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