Students Share Deep Sea Mission Via Video

Students Share Deep Sea Mission Via Video

IOCOM, software provider for enterprise-class video conferencing and collaboration capabilities, today announced its ongoing partnership with the Integrated Ocean Drilling Program’s (IODP) Deep Earth Academy to offer educational video conferencing for students to witness live, deep-sea voyages. Since the installation of the IOCOM solution 12 months ago, 12 conversations have taken place with Northside Independent School District (ISD) of San Antonio, Texas; Oregon’s Treasure Valley Community College; and other students and teachers across the United States and Japan. More presentations are planned for student groups and museums in the near future.

The program has enabled students to connect with the IODP’s ship, JOIDES Resolution – also known as “The JR” – through IOCOM’s video conferencing platform, allowing scientists onboard The JR to host interactive sessions with students that include file sharing of relevant scientific data. Participants discuss and observe how the scientists take core samples and measurements from under the ocean floor, giving them a glimpse into the earth’s development and a scientific means of measuring climate and environmental change throughout a significant part of the earth’s history.

“This educational project has been a spectacular success, and IOCOM has played a major role in ensuring everything works without a hitch,” said Leslie Peart, Deep Earth Academy director. “During our first expedition we served about 350 San Antonio students and also had a conversation with all the Northside campus instructional technology managers, and that was just the beginning.”

Seventeen conferences are scheduled for the current JR expedition, including one celebrating the first anniversary of the Smithsonian Institute’s Sant Ocean Hall as well as weekly conferences with the Tokyo Museum of Nature and Science and the University of the Virgin Islands. Video conferencing events are also scheduled at the Maryland Science Center for homeschooled students and their families and for various school groups visiting the IODP over the next few months.


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The Integrated Ocean Drilling Program (IODP) is an international marine research drilling program supported by 23 countries dedicated to advancing scientific understanding of Earth by sampling and monitoring subseafloor environments. Through multiple platforms, preeminent scientists explore IODP’s principal research themes: the deep biosphere, environmental change, and solid earth cycles. For more information, visit