Survey: Mass notification boosts attendance, parents' involvement

A new survey examined usage patterns of Blackboard Inc mass notification services, including applications beyond urgent notifications and alerts. Findings show that as organizations embrace mass notification technology for proactive messages to students, parents and community members, they report higher ratings of satisfaction and value.

A total of 1,469 K-12 schools, local governments and higher education institutions responded to the survey, which was conducted by Gomez Research. The majority of K-12 clients that use a mass notification system report improved and increased parental involvement. 95 percent of respondents who use the mass notification service to communicate with parents find it improves student attendance.

According to the survey, 90 percent of local governments who use their notification service for community outreach report increased public participation in community events. Cities and counties are also increasingly using the service to conduct targeted revenue campaigns for unpaid traffic tickets, utility payment collections and even dog licensing fees.

"Our community is highly connected, and they've come to expect relevant and immediate information from our leadership," said Kristi Wyatt, Public Information Officer for League City, Texas. "Whether by phone, email, text message or social media, Blackboard Connect helps League City keep our residents connected to community news and events - all in the channel they prefer."

In higher education, 99 percent of college and university respondents reported that Blackboard's notification technology is helpful in maintaining safety and security on campus. While the majority of these schools use their mass notification system to send urgent notifications, many are beginning to use the service to increase student involvement, reach out to alumni and communicate with prospective students.

The survey also shows that 96 percent of all customers who use the Blackboard Connect™ and AlertNow™ services report overall satisfaction.