Survey: Most Parents and Educators Support CCSS

School Improvement Network today released results of two surveys measuring opinions of Common Core State Standards from both educators and parents.

Parent awareness and opinions were measured through a national, independent telephone survey conducted in August 2013. In order to reach the survey goal of a statistically significant, national sample of parents with school-aged children, 4,180 parents were contacted with 500 qualifying to complete the survey for having awareness of Common Core State Standards. Of these, 62% of parents say they support the Standards.

Support from educators was even more significant – with 3,077 respondents in 50 states, in rural, urban and suburban settings, 81% of educators surveyed say Common Core State Standards will have an overall positive impact on student preparation toward college and career.

In fact, only 21% of educators report receiving negative feedback from parents about Common Core, defying reports of widespread public distaste for the Standards.

Full results of the surveys can be found here and will be available beginning today.