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Survey: Tech and customer support critical

 New independent research results indicate that school and district leaders need technology products backed by strong customer service and technical support.
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 New independent research results indicate that school and district leaders need technology products backed by strong customer service and technical support. Independent research firm MDR conducted the study commissioned by eChalk provider of social learning platforms in K-12 education, to examine school and district technology needs and purchasing decisions.

The survey reveals school and district leaders highly value technical support and customer service overall when making technology purchasing decisions, specifically communications and course management software. Compatibility with existing systems was a key product-related factor in decision making cited by survey respondents, further underscoring the importance of technical support.

“The research confirms what we’ve heard from our customers,” said Martin Brutosky, CEO and COO of eChalk. “Schools and district leaders want personalized, hands-on service to ensure technology is integrated effectively and efficiently for maximum impact on learning.”

Recently, eChalk expanded its operations with the addition of new regional service centers in key U.S. metropolitan areas to provide customers with greater access to support and specialized services. eChalk’s dedication to service and support tailored to the individual needs of its school and district customers, including students and parents who use its products, has earned the company the highest customer satisfaction and renewal rating in the industry.

Research results also showed that one of the main features administrators are looking for in communications and course management software is providing teachers with 21st century tools to use with students. About one-third to almost one-half of school districts surveyed plan to purchase communications software and course management software, respectively, in the next one-to-two years.

“The research underscores the larger trends we’re seeing among schools and districts – increased demand for web 2.0-infused products and comprehensive customer service and support, like eChalk offers,” said Stephanie Burdick, Marketing Research Analyst with MDR. “Limited budgets and staffing have intensified these needs.”
The eChalk K-12 product suite provides easy-to-use online tools that enable all school stakeholders to connect, communicate and collaborate anytime, anywhere, to provide effective, personalized learning for students. For more information, explore



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