Symbaloo Offers Educators PRO Version at no Cost

Book stack and laptop in library with blurred focus for background
(Image credit: iStock/jakkaje808)

Content-integration platform Symbaloo today announced that it is offering its PRO version to all educators at no cost for the duration of the school closings caused by the coronavirus. Existing users can upgrade to PRO with no additional charge, and educators without existing accounts can sign up for free. 

Symbaloo allows educators to create webmixes and Learning Paths for students. Webmixes are collections of links to websites, videos, documents, and articles that function as a homepage for educators. 

Learning Paths are board game-style online lesson plans that encourage students to continue learning at their own pace. Educators can build paths by adding videos, documents, assessment questions, articles, and educational games that guide students from start to finish. Learning Paths also provide educators real-time analytics showing students’ progress, time spent on assignments, and how they’re doing on assessments. 

For educators who are new to the platform, Symbaloo has created a series of video tutorials to help them get started. If they don’t have the time to create their own content yet, they can find a wide variety of open-source educational resources in the Symbaloo Marketplace. The platform has a gallery of 400,000 webmixes and 7,500 Learning Paths that are searchable by grade level and subject. 

Educators can distribute webmixes and Learning Paths through Google Classroom or by sharing a link with students via email or social media. Students can start learning right away, without setting up an account.