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One of the great things about covering the education and technology beat is that our readers love to share. Whether it be a successful instructional technique, a telling anecdote about a particular student, or a resource found on the Web, you're always ready to let a colleague in on the secret-which makes our job that much easier.

Just this month, a few of you shared with us the reality of our suggestion that teachers set up their own Facebook page: "I am online all the time with student assignments and rewriting curriculum," writes Carol Keith from Fulton County School District in GA. "However, sites like Facebook are blocked in my school system. Plus, I'm not sure the social aspect of using those sites would be appreciated by my students with their teacher." Educator Gregory Unrau concurs: "Students have told me they don't like crossing the line between a social and academic environment, they don't like school-run chat rooms, they want their social privacy and freedom."

Mike Donlin from the Seattle Schools went one step further and actually sent us curriculum and professional development materials their schools have created in response to a cyberbullying story posted on this summer. He's looking to both offer them up for your use as well as receive feedback from fellow educators. You can find these and other conversations and materials at T&L's online discussion forums. I invite you to share your ideas and opinions about what you're reading both here in print and online. Need added incentive? Register and log onto the forums this month and find the discussion thread called "If I had the Power." Post a 50- to 100-word description of your most innovative ideas for using the HPxw4550 pictured on the cover and you could win it. Good luck!

Thanks for reading.

Kevin Hogan
Editorial Director