Tech & Learning Announces New Leadership Regional Summit Series

T&L summit participants at roundtable discussion
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With the Delta variant throwing a monkey wrench into large conference planning, many districts and companies are looking for small, in-person events that allow for in-person networking. 

To address this need, Tech & Learning has re-launched new regional Leadership Summits, taking place monthly in select spots throughout the country. These one-day events will be small and local, allowing for a safer way for district leaders to gather in a relaxed setting in which they can talk candidly with their peers and industry leaders about developing effective district strategic plans. Read more about these events here

Each Tech & Learning Leadership Summit explores the unique needs of the specific region to focus the conversation on topics most important to leaders in their area. Session topics include:

  • Learning Loss: How are districts assessing and addressing learning loss? And are current assessments delivering an accurate, unbiased picture of what students learned since last year? Attendees will share their experiences and perspectives.  
  • Technology Management/Building Sustainable Classrooms: How are districts building a sustainable technology infrastructure? Attendees will discuss their plans for device management/refreshes, flexible learning spaces, and building robust, scalable networks.   
  • Creating an Engaging Learning Environment: Attendees will explore best practices and methods in which to support and improve student engagement this year and beyond.
  • Data Privacy: This session will cover how the pandemic has changed the manner in which districts keep data private and secure.
  • Assessment: What will assessment look like in 2021 and beyond? This session will review the expected changes, and review ways districts can prepare for these changes.  
  • Experiential Learning: This session features tips and tools that districts can use to support hands-on learning for their CTE, STEM, and project-based learning programs.  
  • New Learning Spaces: In this session, we’ll consider how learning spaces have changed since the pandemic, and how technology can be used to support these new spaces.

What follows are the dates and locations of our upcoming Regional Leadership Summits: 

T&L leadership summit presenter at lectern

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Of course, Tech & Learning will continue to offer our popular virtual events, such as our Lunch ‘n Learns with Dr. Kecia Ray, and virtual conferences with district partners such as the New York City Department of Education

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Christine Weiser is the Content and Brand Director for Tech & Learning, and has been with the company since 2008. She has reported on education for most of her career, working at Scholastic and Gale Publishing before joining Tech & Learning. Christine is also an author and musician, and lives in Philadelphia with her husband and son.