Tech & Learning Launches New Regional Leadership Summits

regional summit
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Tech & Learning is launching a new event series to address the age-old question: “Can the marriage of technology and curriculum be saved?” 

The new Tech & Learning Regional Leadership Summits will bring together instructional and technology district leaders in a relaxed virtual setting in which attendees can talk candidly about how collaboration between these departments is key to developing effective district strategic plans. 

Each Tech & Learning Leadership Summit focuses on the unique needs of specific regions to give attendees the valuable insight they need to develop action plans. 

What follows are the dates and regions for the 2021 Tech & Learning Regional Leadership Summits:

March 23: Texas - website

April 23: Mid-South - website

May 21: California- website

June 21: Georgia- website 

 “We’re excited about this new event series,” says Tech & Learning Content Director Christine Weiser. “We’ve learned this past year that a healthy collaboration between the instructional and technology departments continues to play a crucial role in implementing effective district initiatives. The focus of each Regional Summit will be on how these departments can use collaboration, communication, and leadership to guide these initiatives as districts plan for next year and beyond.” 

For more information and to apply to attend this invitation-only event, please visit the website for the region of your choosing. There is no charge to attend. 

WHO SHOULD ATTEND: CTOs, CAOs, Instructional/Tech District Leaders


  • Collaborate with other technology and curriculum district leaders
  • Share ideas and best practices
  • Expand your PLN through this new community 
  • Get the latest news about school funding in your region 
  • Walk away with specific actions for your strategic planning 



SEPTEMBER 24: Midwest

OCTOBER 22: Northeast

NOVEMBER 12: Northwest

DECEMBER 3: Florida

For more information, contact Christine Weiser at