Technology and Management Concerns

When teachers start integrating technology into their curriculum or using it for their own personal use, they may have problems organizing files and folders or knowing what to do if there are troubleshooting problems. As their professional developer, you can alleviate some of their concerns by:

  • Developing a complete inventory of what is available that is accessible to everyone.
  • Making copies of the manuals of each technology for checkout.
  • Designing or adapting step-by-step guides that condense the how-to's in the manuals.
  • Creating print-based and web-based instructions on how to use all technology, how to check it out, and how to find it when they need it.
  • Determine who in each school building has specific areas of expertise on different technology so there are teacher tech mentors available to support their colleagues. (Create a culture of sharing and learning.)
  • Offer before or after-school workshops that are quick how-to sessions.
  • Set up a folder system on the school server so teachers and students can save their work from anywhere in the school.
  • Create a one-page handout on how to use the folder system.
  • Schedule coaching sessions in their classroom with the reluctant teachers and walk them through setting up the computer, accessing their email, creating a file, etc.
  • Train student mentors on simple troubleshooting techniques so they can assist the teacher and their peers.
  • Share one classroom management strategy at each faculty meeting.

Submitted by:Barbara Bray

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