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Technology Corner

On our district Intranet, we have established something called the Technology Corner. It is a place for people to go for answers to questions of the moment. For example, "I can't connect my converter box to my computer." Or "I forget how to make a watermark." Or "How do I make a 4-page poster in Word97?" Each link opens a pdf file with step-by-step directions to complete that task. The technology corner is divided into sections: Hardware solutions, Software solutions, Email/network solutions, and manuals and tutorials. It is a work in progress with additions being made every time someone makes new handouts for a workshop or for a new application. Hopefully this school year, more and more teachers will take the plunge and use this as a resource.

Submitted by:Diane Heitzenrater
Coordinator of Information Technology
Crooked Billet/Hallowell Elementary Schools, Hatboro-Horsham School District
Horsham, PA

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