Temporary Use of Software

I just learned that two core teachers are sharing a single-license software program by installing it on the computers in each of their classrooms. When our site technician noticed and asked about the software, he was told that they need it for student use during one lesson and then will uninstall it. One of the teachers also mentioned something about fair use for instruction. Is this fair use?

No, this does not fall under fair use.

There are times when it is legally permissible to install a program with a single-use license, but then the teacher needs to ensure that the program is not being used on more than one computer at any time.

But in this case, it’s clear that the teachers intend for simultaneous use in both classrooms. Therefore, the school needs to purchase a license for each computer running the program in both classrooms or the teachers need to rework their plan. As the site administrator, you need to take action to help the teachers understand fair use and make sure they are complying with copyright law.

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