Tennesee district adopts new PD technology

School Improvement Network announces one of the first implementations of its Observation 360 classroom technology deployments in Milan, Tennessee. Observation 360 allows administration professionals to visit classrooms and then integrate evaluations with PD 360 professional development resources.

“Since Tennessee was the first state to be awarded Race to the Top funding,” said Sam Rhodes, Supervisor of Staff Development in the Milan Special School District, “We have set a goal to be ‘First to the Top.’” In addition to making PD 360 our core technology platform, we are one of the first districts in the nation to use the iPhone/iPad/iPod-based Observation 360 tool set.”

Continues Mr. Rhodes, “With just 3 schools, 175 teachers and 2200 students, we’re barely a blip on the national education scene, but we think big. Because each life represents worlds of possibility, each school system wrote a Race to the Top proposal. Nearly 100% of our Race to the Top funding is earmarked for professional development.”

Vice president of School Improvement Network, Cory Linton, said, “PD 360 is the world’s largest community of verified educators. With the most experts, the broadest range of topics and the most classroom examples, we are excited to bring Observation 360 to the classroom in such a portable way.”