Terabyte hard drives

Question: I recently saw a hard drive holding a terabyte of data for sale. How much information is a terabyte?

The IT Guy says:
A terabyte is a really big chunk of computer information. It is specifically equivalent to one thousand (1,000) gigabytes of space. When you consider that not many years ago, a gigabyte of data was considered an incredible amount of storage, you can see how fact technology advances if a terabyte of storage is now available.

Gigabyte memory upgrades are now common, and even flash memory cards for digital cameras and other devices are increasingly available with a gigabyte of space. Digital video (especially when uncompressed) takes up extremely large amounts of hard drive space, so videographers are likely to be the primary users of large hard drives such as the one you saw. However, larger hard drives permit multiple complete backups of typical desktop or laptop computer systems, and this can be invaluable in case of an emergency.

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