Texas district closes gap with affordable, dedicated tablets

Donna Independent School District is starting this school year with 1,300 of Brainchild’s Kineo (R) tablets loaded with STAAR Achiever! assessment software. With more than one-third of Texas schools failing to make AYP last year, Donna ISD has detailed plans for facing the more rigorous STAAR tests this school year. The $299 Kineo tablets provide for data-driven instruction during school day and in after school programs to close achievement gaps. While teachers can use iPads(R) or computers to access Brainchild’s STAAR Achiever! reports, Kineos provide a more cost-effective option for student use.

“Brainchild provides the whole package, from tablets to software to professional development, which assures that our programs are sustainable and successful. The onsite professional development is tailored to the needs of each teacher and each school.” said George Dale, District Technology Director.

Kineo tablets have 7” screens with built-in screen protectors, and safety features designed specifically for school usage. They give students restricted access to the Web, Flash capabilities for multimedia instruction, and a choice of numerous eReader programs.

“Schools and districts come to Brainchild when they need not just technology, but also the assurance that it is used deliberately, with appropriate ways to measure success. Responsive, high quality customer support is a vital component of any technology deployment,” said Brainchild’s president, Jeff Cameron.