Texas district expands math program after summer pilot

A successful summer school pilot program has led the Wylie Independent School District in Texas to implement Time to Know in 16 fifth-grade math classes and for sixth graders who would benefit from additional math practice, giving more than 340 students access to the program this fall.

Wylie initially implemented the program in a 2011 summer school pilot program with 17 students. Comparing scores at the beginning and end of the summer, Wylie teachers saw student math and language arts scores improve by as much as 25 percent when students were using the Time To Know platform.

"The class in which we piloted Time To Know this summer included struggling learners as well as some gifted and talented students, which is possible because the Time To Know program allows the teacher to create a differentiated learning experience with levels appropriate to each student's individual needs,” said Barbra Rudolph, principal of Davis Intermediate School. “The program uses different vocabulary at each level, which allows students to read and comprehend at their ability level."

The school is currently developing plans to expand the Time To Know platform to fifth grade English language arts classes as well.

Time To Know is a teacher-led, online curriculum system that features a Digital Teaching Platform designed for one-to-one computing classrooms. With the teacher at the center, Time To Know engages students with interactive multimedia lessons, individualizes instruction, and promotes the development of critical thinking skills.

Research from schools in New York and Texas using Time To Know has shown an increase in students’ math reasoning and critical thinking skills.