Texas District Implements Mimio Interactive Teaching Technologies

Edinburg (TX) Consolidated Independent School District is standardizing its classroom technology via the MimioTeach™ interactive whiteboard, a device that converts any dry erase board into a fully interactive whiteboard. Using money awarded through the Texas Literacy Initiative Grant, the district has purchased over 900 MimioTeach systems, and intends to install the Mimio interactive teaching solution district-wide, reaching over 33,000 students at 44 schools.

Each MimioTeach system comes prepackaged with MimioStudio™ software. Last year, the company introduced the MimioMobile™ app, which allows teachers to direct a fully collaborative learning environment by linking most types of mobile devices in classrooms.

“I could go on and on about the many reasons why we like the Mimio solution,” said Amanda Worsham, Technology Integration Specialist for Edinburg. “It’s easy to use – it comes out of the box ready to use, just plug and play. It’s mobile – not bound to any one classroom. And the durability of this system is unbelievable – it rarely needs service. Plus, we can outfit five classrooms for the price of just one of the systems that we are replacing, which means engaging teaching and learning are taking place in more rooms.”

Nearly 60 percent of the district’s classrooms are now outfitted with MimioTeach systems. But Worsham makes it clear that the MimioTeach device isn’t just a presentation tool for teachers; it’s an interactive tool. “Teachers shouldn’t be tired at the end of the day,” she says, “because they should feel comfortable sharing the MimioTeach system with students to build interaction and collaboration.”

“We are always looking for ways to infuse the Mimio product into the classrooms,” added Denise Gonzales, Technology Integration Specialist.