Texas SD installs new multimedia distribution centers

The Franklin Independent School District (Franklin, TX) recently implemented a new control system solution for multimedia distribution centers, using the CampusSV system from SchoolView Technologies, LLC. (Plano, TX) in conjunction with other devices. The system interfaces nearly all audio and video devices in each school, and provides a single integrated platform with a simple GUI for district administrators to distribute audio, video and control signals throughout schools.

Used in conjunction with Barix AG of Switzerland’s Exstreamer 100 Audio over IP devices, the system provides audio distribution including bells, music, PA announcements and automated school-wide alerts. All audio is delivered over a 3GB IP network backbone and can be scheduled over the system; live or recorded video can be delivered over the system as well.

In classrooms, administrators integrated the CampusSV system with Calypso interface equipment to enable control of multimedia and presentation devices (such as projectors and DVD players) from the teacher’s computer. The teacher can control the devices from the front of the classroom using a wall-mount button panel.

Designed by consultant Elert and Associates for Franklin High School, Middle School and Elementary School, the system is also being used for security incidents—administrators can schedule emergency drills and broadcast pre-recorded messages as they are needed.