Textbook substitute sees increase

Studies Weekly yesterday announced subscriptions increased 92% from YTD first quarter 2011. Studies Weekly magazines feature core content typically only found in textbooks and not found in other traditional classroom magazines.

Studies Weekly President Ed Rickers said, “We’re seeing growth in no small part because of large district-wide orders from Virginia, New Jersey, Georgia, Florida, Texas and Ohio, in addition to steady movement forward with our normal school-wide subscription base throughout all 50 states. Another positive trend is that more and more districts are ordering for all K-6 grade levels in addition to the orders we get for just one grade level and subject.”

Approximately fifteen percent of schools nationwide use Studies Weekly publications as substitutes for textbooks that schools cannot afford to replace. For the same cost as one textbook per student, districts can subscribe to Studies Weekly magazines with textbook content for ten years—and Studies Weekly publications are updated each year as needed so that they never become obsolete. Further, districts can allow students to take their curriculum home without fear of loss. Students are encouraged to highlight with permanent markers right on their own copies—providing a boost in reading comprehension, and test scores, that is not possible with an expensive traditional textbook.