The Best Chromebooks of 2019

Chromebook displays text: "Best Chromebook'

(Image credit: TechRadar)

From our friends at TechRadar: The best Chromebooks in 2019 are not just more powerful than ever, but also more flexible and boast longer battery lives. That means that they are capable of so much more than their predecessors.

Still, before you sort through the best Chromebooks to find the one that suits you best, it’s worth your time knowing what exactly a Chromebook is. You know, in case a lighter weight operating system and device don’t actually match your needs.

Why this matters:  Fast, rugged and affordable Chromebooks have become the go-to device for many one-to-one computing programs designed to turbocharge kids' learning with engaging digital technology. Choosing the Chromebook that's best suited for your classroom, school or district will ensure the enthusiastic support of students, teachers, administrators and community stakeholders. For the full report on the ten best Chromebooks of 2019, visit