Time Management Online

Have you ever gone online intending to check your Email or search the Web only to find yourself several hours later somewhere else online. The online environment is appealing, and sometimes those going online for an online course can be sidetracked by something else that pops up. Some ideas for the facilitator of online learning:

  • Provide clear objectives and expectations.
  • Post a syllabus with a timeline and due dates.
  • Assign small and manageable reading assignments.
  • Keep time limits on synchronous discussions.

Participation may take more time than the learner has. Some suggestions that can help keep everyone on track:

  • Plan on logging on for a specific activity only, i.e. downloading a document to read later.
  • Do some reading and responding to post offline.
  • Schedule time to read materials in small doses.
  • Use a timer to encourage breaks at 20 minutes.

Submitted by:Barbara Bray