T&L News(104)

Week of: November 19, 2007

  • Home Computer Program Aids Family Literacy
    For students still learning English, having a computer at home has proven to be a big help, not just for the student but for the entire family.
  • Technology's Role in 21st Century Education
    A new report argues that schools cannot possibly prepare students for the global economy without making intensive use of technology.
  • Whiteboards Boost Learning
    Research conducted in the United Kingdom concludes that interactive whiteboards have a positive impact on primary school students in math, science and English
  • A Virtual Trip to the Great Outdoors
    The National Park Service has turned to electronic field trips to help familiarize students with the wonders of the national park system.
  • Serious Gaming Get Serious
    IBM and Brandeis University are partnering to test a new serious game IBM has developed to teach MBAs about competing successfully in business.