T&L News(106)

Week of: December 3, 2007

  • Speak Up Deadline Approaching
    There's still time to join the more than 190,000 K-12 students, teachers and parents who have submitted Speak Up Day surveys, sharing their views on about key technology and educational issues.
  • iTeach-iLearn Schools
    Twenty-two New York City middle schools are piloting the iTeach-iLearn program, designed to create 21st century classrooms that test the ways technology changes teaching and learning.
  • Teaching IT Skills Early
    Florida's Buffalo Creek Middle School is teaching its students technology skills — like web design and 3-D modeling — often reserved for the high school classroom.
  • Practice Makes Perfect
    By next year, students in California's Capistrano Unified School District will have their writing assignments graded by a software program that uses artificial intelligence.
  • Robots Rule
    The 2007 International Robot Exhibition in Tokyo highlighted advances in robotic technology – robots that solved Rubik's Cube, dental simulators, robots that sense emotions.