T&L News(111)

Week of: January 7, 2008

  • Laptops a Hit in Kansas City
    Kansas City school officials say that the district's new laptop-lending program is exceeding all expectations.
  • CT Launches Virtual Learning Center
    High school students returning to school across Connecticut now have access to a new resource, online courses available via the Connecticut Virtual Learning Center.
  • Technology for Special Needs Students
    Dedication to Special Education raises money to help the Marin County Office of Education purchase technology that helps students with special needs function in the classroom.
  • MN Mulls Opting Out of NCLB
    Republican members of the Minnesota state Senate are readying a bill that would end the state's participation in No Child Left Behind.
  • Libraries Still Popular with Young Adults
    Young Americans, ages 18 to 30, are the leading users of libraries for help solving problems and in more general patronage.