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T&L News(118)

Week of: February 25, 2008

  • Rural OK District Uses Up-To-Date Technology
    The schools in the small and relatively poor town of Howe, OK use up-to-date technology to connect their 450 students with the world.
  • Cyber School Models Continue To Expand
    In its first year of operation, the Georgia Virtual Academy (GVA) has enrolled 2,650 K-8 pupils from throughout the state.
  • Irving To Investigate Smaller, Cheaper Laptops
    The Irving Independent School District is thinking about switching to the use of smaller, PDA-like laptops for its high school one-to-one initiative.
  • Career Tech Expands Student Options
    Traditional vocational education courses like carpentry and auto mechanics have been replaced by computer and industrial design courses.
  • Harvard Moves Toward Open Access Publishing
    Harvard University's arts and sciences faculty recently adopted a policy that will see faculty publishing their scholarly research articles online for free.