T&L News(119)

Week of: March 3, 2008

  • District Sets Technology Baseline
    Oklahoma's Deer Creek School District is in the process of implementing a new technology plan that focuses on developing technology skills and putting them to work supporting learning.
  • Teachers Experiment in Zero Gravity
    Twenty Florida teachers flew on Space Florida's inaugural unattended microgravity research flight from the Shuttle Landing Facility at the Kennedy Space Center.
  • Distance Learning in Ontario
    Contact North is delivering distance learning and training to 90 locations across Northern Ontario, greatly expanding opportunities for learning in the remote communities it serves.
  • Digital Tutors Help Autistic Children
    Digital tutors are helping children and adults develop a wide range of skills, from improving language to learning how to be a better playmate.
  • Encyclopedia of Life Debuts—Crashes
    On its debut, the Encyclopedia of Life proved so popular that its servers couldn't keep up with demand, causing the site to shut down temporarily.