T&L News(128)

Week of: May 5, 2008

  • Robots in Overdrive
    Budding high school engineers got a chance to show off their science skills at the annual FIRST Championship, a robot-building competition held recently in Georgia that brought together more than 1,500 students from across the world.
  • What's New
    Wash your hands all you like. Chances are if you have computer keyboards in class, you could still get sick with a norovirus, the antibiotic resistant staph infection MRSA, or one of the thousands of other contagions that hit schools every year. According to University of Arizona scientist Dr. Charles Gerba, computer keyboards and mice can have about 400 times more germs than a toilet seat. The Silver Seal Shield keyboard is made from an antimicrobial plastic that contains silver ions, a natural germ repellant. The boards are also dishwasher safe, which makes disinfecting that much easier.
  • The Whiteboard Revolution
    Teachers are clamoring to have interactive whiteboards in their classrooms. What is it about this technology that is so useful and appealing. Let's look at some of their capabilities.
  • What's New
    Vinpower Digital, Inc., a manufacturer and supplier of advanced digital duplication equipment, has entered into a licensing agreement with Xerox Corporation to develop, market, and support a new line of Xerox DVD/CD and Blu-Ray Duplicators. The manual tower duplicators range from 1-15 writer drives, which operate independently of a PC and provide a quick, inexpensive way to make multiple copies of CDs and DVDs. The duplicators allow users to transfer image files directly from a PC to the duplicator's internal hard. Several models offer 256MB buffer memory for more stable high-speed duplication.
  • What's New
    OKI Printing Solutions has launched its B6250. series of printers, which provide advanced monochrome printing and can handle heavy printing loads in demanding work environments (the B6250 prints 30 pages per minute; typical monthly duty cycle is 150,000 pages). The printers offer the fastest processor speed (533 MHz) and highest maximum memory storage in their class (128MB RAM), allowing businesses to expand software use and increase print volume. They are designed to support the daily monochrome printing needs of growing workgroups in educational settings and to deliver maximum performance and reliability.