T&L News(137)

Week of: July 14, 2008

  • iTunes U Apple
    Educators could create an entire online course with the materials available at iTunes U, a collection of audio and video tracks that covers a variety of subjects for the K-16 curriculum. All of the tracks are free.
  • Money-Saving Tip: Deliver Digital Media Online
    The initial cost of delivering media content via a server-based digital management system averages about $3 per student (including hardware and software). School districts can realize their ROI in about as little as one year, just factoring in savings on duplication alone. Online subscription-based content averages about $1/title/school/year compared to around $30 videotape or DVD.
  • Give the people what they want
    According to poll results released by The Scientists and Engineers for America (SEA), the US public is strongly in favor of government funding of science and technology.
  • Teens Help Teens Find JobsWhen Celeste Lavin, a 16-year-old sophomore at Lower Merion High School in PA, set out to find her first job, she wasn't sure where to start. She turned to her older brothers for advice; they'd earned money doing everything from mowing lawns to serving ice cream. She then asked friends about their ideas for getting a job as a teen.
  • New Science Grant
    By 2010, jobs in science and engineering nationally are expected to increase by 2.2 million. To help educators create a science classroom supported by technology, Fourier Systems launched the Computing Science Exploration Grant Program.