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Week of: October 6, 2008

  • Tom's Top Tips to Fight Cyber Bullying
    1. Awareness—When bullying takes to the 'net, often the bully and bullied don't realize that it is happening. Make sure that students, teacher, administrators and parents all know what cyber bullying is, who to report it to, and that it is not acceptable.MARK YOUR CALENDAR: The K12 Online Conference (featuring some T&L Bloggers) starts October 13. It's all about web 2.0 in the classroom, virtual—and free. For complete schedule information, please visit: http://k12onlineconference.org/docs/k12online2008schedule.html
  • Product: Serif PhotoPlus X2

Description: Image editing software

Leader: Edward Foote, Special Education Teacher, Jefferson Avenue Elementary School, Fairport Central School District, Fairport, N.Y.