T&L News(156)

Week of: November 24, 2008

  • Put to the Test: T&L Reviewer Joe Huber reviews the Pure Digital Flip Mino Video Camera
    Retail price: $179.00
    Description: Digital video camera
    How to use in the classroom: The size and ease of use of this camera make it ideal for classroom use. It could be used in motion so one can observe the effects of the experiment at a speed that is easier to see. It could be used in physical education class to record how one performs an activity then played back so one could improve ones performance. It could be used in a language arts class with animation software to produce a video. Any teacher could record a lesson and post in on a web page as a media file.
  • Cybersafety woefully lacking for students says new study
    Less than 25 percent of educators feel comfortable teaching students how to protect themselves from online cyber predators, cyber bullies and identity theft, according to a recent study by The National Cyber Security Alliance (NCSA) and Educational Technology, Policy Research and Outreach (ETPRO).
  • New Mexico picks Wimba for its collaborative learning platform
    Wimba®, Inc., the education technology company that helps people teach people, today announced that New Mexico's Innovative Digital Education and Learning program (IDEAL-NM) has selected the Wimba Collaboration Suite™, the education industry's leading multi-modal solution for virtual and blended learning, to pilot as its statewide collaborative learning platform. IDEAL-NM will deploy Wimba's comprehensive solution across its statewide network of higher education and K-12 institutions, which includes 89 districts and 22 college campuses, to enhance student engagement and collaboration and increase learning outcomes.
  • Visionary Administrators' bridge digital disconnect in schools
    Blackboard, a leading provider of educational enterprise technology and Project Tomorrow, a national nonprofit group, today released a report highlighting the emergence of "visionary administrators," a new breed of school superintendents and principals who are leveraging new technologies to meet the learning goals and preferences of increasingly tech-savvy students.
  • NetSupport Manager Version 10.5
    The latest update to the NetSupport Manager PC remote control software offers the ability to view, as expandable thumbnails, all connected computer screens in a single action. The latest version now includes a virtual whiteboard during chat sessions to provide greater flexibility and opportunity for collaboration during support calls. NetSupport Manager 10.5 also includes NetSupport School training and instruction software. NetSupport Manager provides platform support allowing seamless remote control of Windows 2008, Vista, XP, 2003, 2000, ME and 9x systems as well as Linux, Solaris, Mac, Pocket PC, CE, Windows Mobile, Terminal Server and Embedded systems. Support for Remote Control from CE and Pocket PC devices is also included as standard. www.netsupport-inc.com