T&L News(17)

  • Governor's Laptop Plan Gets a Cool Reception
    South Dakota's Governor Mike Rounds believes that equipping the state's high schoolers with their own laptop computers will improve students' test scores and better prepare them for the 21st Century.
  • New Survey To Look at Technology Use
    A new effort has just launched to gather information that will shed light on how America's schools are planning to evolve their technology use over the next five years.
  • Federal Loan Helps Pay for New Laptops
    An Arkansas district is borrowing about $702,000 in Qualified Zone Academy Bonds, a federal loan program that allows school districts to borrow money at a reduced or zero interest rate, to purchase new technology.
  • Teachers Adapt New Technologies for the Classroom
    Aware that their students are almost constantly plugged in or online when not in school, teachers are finding ways to use that to their advantage. Learn how.
  • FLY Pen Turns FLY Paper into a Computer
    The FLY pentop computer looks like a fat ballpoint pen. When used with electronic FLY paper, the pen can make almost anything the user draws interactive.