T&L News(19)

  • ETS Pilots High-School Level Technology Assessment
    A new version of Education Testing Service's Information and Communication Technology Literacy Assessment has been designed specifically for student transitioning to college-level work. Learn what is tested.
  • Computer Proficient Students Do Better in School
    Students who are proficient with computers tend to perform better in key school subjects than those with limited experience, according to a new report from the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development
  • Donors Choose Delivers for Needy Teachers
    The DonorsChoose web site matches public school teachers with great ideas but no resources with donors willing to fund their projects.
  • Metro High School To Open
    Students in Ohio's Franklin County will have a new educational choice next year when Metro High School, a small public high school that will emphasize math, science and technology, opens.
  • Balloons Might Replace Cell Towers
    North Dakota is about to become a test site for a balloon-based cellular phone network. The idea is to mount wireless network repeaters on hydrogen-filled balloons that would float high above the state and fill in the gaps in existing cellular coverage.