T&L News(20)

  • President’s FY 2007 Budget Eliminates Technology Funding
    The President once again elected to eliminate funding for the Enhancing Education Through Technology program from his FY 2007 Department of Education budget request.
  • PA Governor Proposes Laptops for 100 High Schools
    Governor Rendell has proposed putting laptop computers on every desk in the English, math, science and history classrooms of 100 high schools across Pennsylvania.
  • Parents and Teachers Say the Internet Helps with Homework
    Parents and teachers share a common view of the value of the Internet, with 81% of teachers and 83% of parents agreeing that online sources are helpful for homework help, according to according to the AP/AOL Learning Services poll.
  • Districts Buy Calculators To Level the Playing Field
    Urban school districts across the state of Connecticut are spending local dollars to buy calculators with advanced features, so that their students can compete on an equal footing with their counterparts in wealthier districts.
  • Demo 2006
    For 16 years DEMO has showcased innovations in the world of technology, revealing products and services poised to have a significant impact on the technology landscape. Learn what was demoed this year.