T&L News(21)

  • Games Focus Students' Attention
    It's not so much the games as it is the engagement that is transforming the learning experience at Chicago's North Kenwood/Oakland Charter School.
  • EBase on Antarctica
    Explorer and adventurer Robert Swan hopes to use an Internet-connected education center to hook students on the beauty of Antarctica and engender an active interest in global warming.
  • NETS Refresh
    The International Society for Technology in Education is in the final stages leading up to the June re-release of the National Educational Technology Standards for Students Project (NETS).
  • NASA Deepens School Partnerships
    NASA has developed a new framework designed to allow it to work more effectively with schools to attract more attract more students to careers in science, technology, mathematics, and engineering
  • Toys Get More Interactive
    The recent Toy Fair, where retailers get their first view of toys that manufacturers will make available for the Holidays, underlined the growing dominance of electronic and interactive toys.