T&L News(22)

  • Technology Gap Hitting Schools in the Middle
    Middle class schools across Florida find themselves facing a technology gap, neither poor enough to qualify for federal dollars or attract foundation grants nor rich enough to use their own resources to stay ahead of the technology curve.
  • Google To Offer Video from the National Archives
    Google has entered a partnership with the National Archives to digitize historical footage in the Archives’ collection and make it available for Internet viewing and downloading.
  • Grants Encourage Technology Use
    The Bellingham (MA) school district is offering its teachers small grants of up to $500 to test various software programs in their classrooms. Learn more.
  • District Integrates Instruction with eCampus
    Michigan’s Southgate Community School District has launched a new computer-based program that enables students to study, discuss the material, communicate with teachers and take exams.
  • Better Food with Tilling
    Tilling — targeting induced local lesions in genomes — uses reverse genetics to pinpoint mutations that might enhance nutritional value or eliminate allergens.