T&L News(26)

  • Internet2 Comes to Alaska’s K-12 Schools
    Alaska announced an agreement between Internet2, the University of Alaska at Fairbanks and the Alaska Distance Education Consortium to connect the state's schools, libraries, community colleges and museums to Internet2's network.
  • Students Take on Global Challenges
    Technology has been a valuable tool for the student teams participating in Challenge 20/20. U.S. students and their counterparts from outside the U.S. must work together to come up with practical solutions to a global problems.
  • Digital Disadvantage
    As technology becomes more central, students who do not have ready access to a PC or the Internet are at an increasing disadvantage. School districts across southern Florida are aware of the digital divide and working on strategies to help level the playing field.
  • Podcasts for All the World to Hear
    Students at W.T. Hanes elementary schools are using podcasting to practice reading aloud. An added benefit is that relatives in other cities, states or countries can listen in.
  • Smart Clothes
    Today, clothing that incorporates technology — wearable technology — is still something of a novelty, but innovative offerings are already on the drawing board.