T&L News(28)

  • U.K. Teachers Positive about Technology Use
    A recent survey on information and communications technology (ICT) in education in the United Kingdom found that 72% of teachers say that ICT helps them teach more effectively.
  • PDAs Help Class Come to Life
    Students in the West Orange (NJ) school district are finding that their new PDAs make chemistry class come to life, thanks, in part, to an application that allows students to build molecules in 3-D.
  • Building a Solid Technology Foundation
    Technology use starts early at Roberts Elementary School in Tallahassee, FL, with kindergarteners learning the basics of the computer and first and second graders learning proper hand placement and keyboarding skills.
  • Ohio Settles Its Account with ECOT
    The Ohio Department of Education has now completed a series of audits and an enrollment review and agreed to reimburse the Electronic Classroom of Tomorrow some $263,000 for students that attended the virtual school over the past several years.
  • Brain Waves Hold Promise of Computer Control
    Researchers at the Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) Group at the New York State Public Health Department are currently enrolling patients in trials of a system that could enable them to send e-mail and communicate using their brain waves.