T&L News(29)

  • FL Considers Discounted PCs for Students
    Both houses of the Florida legislature are considering bills that would make it possible for students to purchase computers and Internet access at discounted prices.
  • Stanford University To Open Virtual School for the Gifted
    Stanford University is expanding its existing Education Program for Gifted Youth (EPGY) into the nation’s first virtual school devoted to gifted students.
  • If You Build It, Will They Use It?
    Schools across the nation are not only creating unified online systems that allow teachers, students and parents to communicate more efficiently, but also finding innovate ways to encourage teachers to use the systems.
  • Australia Embraces Electronic Whiteboards
    Electronic whiteboards can transform even the one computer classroom into a highly interactive environment. The technology is now being actively embraced by schools across Australia.
  • MySpace Moves To Keep Kids Safe
    Responding to parental outrage and Congressional pressure, MySpace.com, the popular social networking site, has hired a security expert to oversee child safety measures.