T&L News(33)

  • 1-to-1 Program Revamped
    California’s Fullerton School District is revamping its one-to-one laptop program in response to parental objections and an ACLU lawsuit. Parents will still purchases their children’s laptops, but will have more say over whether a school joins the program or not.
  • Schooling Goes Virtual in Washington
    Washington State is about to enter the world of virtual schools. This fall, Insight Schools will partner with the Quillayute Valley School District to open the state’s first high school that will operate solely online.
  • Utah Takes to eMINTS Technology Model
    A number of school systems across Utah are implementing the eMINTS program to better integrate technology with instruction, incorporating best teaching practices and inquiry-based learning.
  • Learning Chinese Online
    This fall, some 240 Michigan high school students will be able to enroll in online Chinese language courses, a joint effort of Michigan State University, Michigan Virtual High School and the Chinese government.
  • Reading Faces
    Even without special training, human beings are especially adept at reading the human face and interpreting the emotion it displays. Two researchers at MIT are working on building that skill into a computer.