T&L News(36)

  • Cobb County Teachers All Get Laptops
    The Cobb County School District has begun the distribution of 7,100 laptop computers to all its teachers.
  • Distance Learning Helps Bridge ELL Barrier
    Two districts in South Texas will be experimenting with a distance learning program this fall that Spanish-speaking students will take math and science courses in Spanish, while learning English and social studies at the Texas schools they attend.
  • Tucson Turns to RFID Tags
    The Tucson Unified School District is testing the use of radio-frequency identification (RFID) to keep track of its elementary school students.
  • PA Cyber School Goes National
    A new organization, the National Network of Digital Schools (NNDS), is poised to take the programs developed at Midland's Pennsylvania Cyber Charter School into the world of national or even international online education.
  • E-Books Revisited
    One of the products demoed at D4 was a new electronic book reader that the digerati though had some promise. Others say it will take more than a new device to make e-books a real market.