T&L News(37)

  • South Dakota Training for Laptop Initiative
    Twenty high schools across the state have been selected to participate in the pilot of South Dakota's Classroom Connections project, which will place laptop computers in the hands of more than 5,000 students.
  • Technology Tools Enhance Science Learning
    The San Diego City Schools will use a new $2.4 million grant to expand a research-based program designed to integrate technology into the district's inquiry-based middle school science curriculum.
  • Robots Help Sick Kids Keep in Touch with School
    A new assistive technology, housed in a five-foot tall robot, gives students who must be out of school for long periods of time an actual presence in the classroom, helping to maintain both learning and social connections.
  • Korea Moves to Technology-Based Learning
    In Korea, the Pusan Metropolitan City Office of Education has launched a pilot of "u-school," a web-based infrastructure designed to manage the entire educational system of the school.
  • Cognitive Computing Advances
    Practitioners think that cognitive computing research is finally beginning to bear fruit. Their goal is to create computers that process information in the same way as the human brain.