T&L News(41)

  • NECC Educators Get a Peek at the $100 Laptop
    Educators attending the National Educational Computing Conference were among the first to get a peek at a working model of the $100 laptop that One Laptop Per Child hopes to distribute to millions of children in the developing world.
  • Wireless Laptops Motivate MI Students
    According to a new study, more than 60% of students using wireless notebook computers in the classroom credit the devices with increasing their interest in learning.
  • Henrico County May Go Wireless
    Henrico County, home of one of the first district-wide one-to-one computing programs, is considering building a countywide wireless network for use by teachers, students and government workers.
  • IN May Get Virtual Charter School
    Ball State University is exploring the opportunity to establish Indiana's first virtual charter school.
  • New Device Reads to the Blind
    A new device, developed by inventor Ray Kurzweil and the National Federation of the Blind, can convert print to audio, helping the blind read.