T&L News(44)

  • Don't Blame IM for Bad Grammar
    New research claims that teenagers' use of the shorthand associated with instant messaging is not eroding their verbal and grammar skills in other settings.
  • Start Early on Technical Competency
    In an editorial in the San Francisco Chronicle, Dennis M. Bartels, the executive director of the Exploratorium, a science education institution in San Francisco, urges that America start its quest for competitiveness early – as in primary school.
  • Software to Combat Bullying
    eCIRCUS, developed by a European research consortium, is designed to tackle the problem of bullying using interactive role-playing software.
  • Online Marketplace for Teaching Resources
    TeachersPayTeachers.com is an online marketplace where teachers can find teaching materials and classroom resources created by experts — their fellow teachers.
  • Solar-Power Wi-Fi
    A new non-profit, Green Wi-Fi, is dedicated to bringing Internet access to schools in developing countries via inexpensive, solar-powered Wi-Fi networks.