TL News(5)

  • WA Triples Online Learning
    The number of Washington students studying online more than tripled over the past five years. One reason could be that the state no longer requires face-to-face meetings for students enrolled in alternative programs.
  • Libraries Reach Out Online; Language Lab 2.0, the Southeastern Massachusetts Regional Library System new web site, is an attempt to reach out to the region’s teens, bringing library services and communication tools directly to them.
  • Language Lab 2.0
    North Rockland (NY) High School's new $185,000 language lab offers new benefits to language learners.
  • Board Meetings Online
    Citizens in Mobile County AL can watch Mobile County school board meetings online. It's not quite in real-time, but videos are posted to the district’s Web site within several days of the meeting.
  • Is Pre-History Repeating Itself?
    Massive soil erosion may have contributed to the great â€die off,†when as much as 90% of Earth’s marine life and 70% of terrestrial life died out 252 million years ago. In the last 40 years, soil erosion has caused the loss of a third of the world’s arable land.