T&L News(5)

  • A number of school districts in the San Diego metro area are equipping their classrooms with state-of-the-art technology — document cameras, ceiling-mounted projectors, DVD players, web cams and interactive white boards. Learn how this impacts teaching and learning.
  • Arizona’s Tempe Elementary and Scottsdale Unified school districts’ new math and science textbooks can be accessed online, but that doesn’t mean that the districts have given up their print editions. Mostly, they are using the online games and quizzes that accompany the texts.
  • South Fayette Elementary used a $10,000 grant from the Pennsylvania Department of Education to equip a classroom of third graders with handheld computers. Learn how their teacher uses the devices.
  • Teachers are beginning to incorporate blogging into their lesson planning, turning the popular Web technique to their own educational ends. But blogs can be complex to manage. Read about the good and the bad.
  • The Mars rovers are now roughly a month short of a uniquely Martian milestone. On Nov. 21, Spirit will have spent an entire Martian year exploring the red planet’s surface, with Opportunity following in turn on Dec. 11.