TL News(6)

  • Technology Rich Elementary Schools
    Elementary schools in Greenville, TN offer a technology rich environment, including interactive white boards, digital cameras and laptop computers. Students enjoy using the technology and are gaining skills they will need to succeed in a world increasing reliant on technology.
  • Iris Scanning Technology Controls School Access
    Elementary schools in New Jersey’s Freehold Borough School District identify each parent, teacher, administrator, or school employee who gains access to the schools by taking a digital photograph of the person’s iris and comparing it to an image stored in a computer database.
  • Chicago Plans Illinois’ First Virtual School
    The Chicago Board of Education has approved the creation of the Chicago Virtual Charter School. If approved by the Illinois State Board of Education, the new schools will become the first online school in the state of Illinois.
  • Students Get Hands-On Experience in Technology Class
    The clamor from the technology class at Lakota East High School is evidence that the students are busily engaged in hand-on learning, applying the math and science they are learning in other classes to real-world applications.
  • Creating Graphical Passwords
    A team of scientists from Rutgers University has developed a password security solution that relies on images, which are easier for people to remember and harder for anyone else to guess.