T&L News(67)

  • AZ Maps Out High-Tech Plan
    Arizona Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Horne asked the legislature to expand the pilot laptop computer program beyond Empire High School to seven other schools across the state.
  • Web News Supplanting Print
    Educators are increasingly turning to online news sources for classroom use, turning away from newspapers and television news.
  • A Bridge to the World
    Videoconferencing technology now makes it possible for students to go almost anyplace they can imagine — interacting with curators at distant museums and sharing experiences with students around the world.
  • EL Paso ISD Site Models Educational Podcasting
    The director of instructional technology for the El Paso (TX) Independent School District, has launched a website to model the instructional use of blogs and podcasts.
  • GPS-Equipped Shoes
    Shoes are becoming the latest competition for the growing number of devices – like cell phones, PDAs and wristwatches — equipped with Global Positioning System technology.