T&L News(7)

  • While Kentucky is in the top tier of states using computers in schools, home access lags the rest of the nation. During the pilot phase of "No Child Left Offline," 500 low-income 8th graders will receive refurbished computers to take home to their families.
  • Come the new year, schools across Minnesota will benefit from an unexpected source of technology funding. Some $50 million will be distributed to school districts statewide, coming from the unclaimed portion of consumer rebates mandated in the Microsoft class action settlement.
  • Florida’s Pinellas County School System is piloting a laptop computer program at Perkins Elementary School. The 110 third graders use their computers during the day to read online textbooks and do math problems and then take home at the end of the day to use for research and homework assignments.
  • Students at Garfield Elementary School in Port Huron, MI are using an interactive whiteboard to explore new concepts. In the process, they are not only enjoying the new interactive technology, but also staying actively involved and learning from one another as they share ideas and explain their unique solutions.
  • A new telescope, the Large Binocular Telescope, has joined the limited ranks of ground-based telescopes capable of looking far enough into deep space to be able to answer fundamental questions about the universe.