T&L News(71)

  • New Data on Online Learning
    Roughly two-thirds of-three American K-12 schools currently have students taking either online or blended courses and another 21% plan to introduce online courses over the next three years.
  • Mr. Gates Goes to Washington
    Bill Gates, Chairman of Microsoft Corporation, went to Capitol Hill last week to tell legislators that they need to strengthen K-12 education if they hope to see America retain its competitive edge.
  • Teachers Rewarded for Innovative Technology Use
    A class of deaf elementary school students will soon be receiving video iPods that their teacher will use to record sign language support for homework.
  • Korea Opts for Digital Textbook
    The Korean Ministry of Education and Human Resources Development has announced plans to support the development of a digital textbook as the primary content delivery mechanism for its educational system.
  • How Much Is Too Much?
    In a new white paper, high tech research and consulting company IDC reports that some 161 exabytes — or 161 billion gigabytes — of digital data were created during 2006.