T&L News(74)

  • Technology Found Wanting in Latest Evaluation
    A Congressionally mandate evaluation of the impact of educational technology on student achievement found no significant differences between classrooms using selected reading and mathematics software and classrooms that did not.
  • Open Source Gaining School Ground
    Some education observers believe, that after years of talk, open source software is beginning to gain a foothold in K-12 schools.
  • Technology Helps Turn School Around
    Officials at California's Jonas Salk High-Tech Academy credit technology with helping turn around the once failing school and infusing it with new life and learning.
  • Technology Updates the Egg Hunt
    An enterprising first grade teacher used global positioning system (GPS) technology to update her students' experience of the traditional egg hunt.
  • Google Tools for Mashups
    Google is offering users free tools that will help them create and share, if they wish, mashups of their neighborhood or some special interest via Google maps.